Weekly Maintenance – At POOLTECHS we have a very unique and effective way of taking care of a pool. It is what the foundation of our company was built on. What POOLTECHS offers is our “exclusive 9 Point” cleaning program. This is the reason why our pools continue to look great after many years of our service, along with proper and preventative maintenance. Our clients pay us more than the average service company, because let’s face it, we all know the famous saying “you get what you pay for” and it always has and always will be applicable.

Pool Repairs/Equipment Upgrades We have professional and factory trained technicians that work on the newest most complicated systems on the market. If there is a way to take your 15, 20 or even 30 year old pool and update it to run off your mobile device of choice while incorporating energy saving pumps and bright efficient L.E.D. lighting. We are the ones that can make it happen!!

Acid Wash/Chlorine Rinse – Looking to rejuvenate your pool? We can acid wash that tired discolored plaster and give it back some shine and life! Maybe your pool got out of control and you need the algae cleaned up, a Chlorine Rinse could be the trick for you and inflicts no wear and tear on your plaster.

Cleaning System Experts – We are proud to be one of if not the only company specializing in ALL cleaning systems. There are so many types of cleaners out there and each of them has different models and designs. Whether you have an In-floor cleaning system, a return side cleaner or a suction cleaner that runs around on the bottom of your pool we are the experts!

Automation Experts – Pool automation is one of the most sought after equipment in the industry. Problem is most people do not understand how to install it, operate it, make repairs to it or especially know what options are out there. We have the answers you need here. We have invested years in training and onsite experience learning to be the best automation experts in the industry.

Salt System Experts – Have you ever heard “salt systems are junk!’ or “they never work”? Well so have we BUT let us help you understand the truth about salt systems before you write yours off or the possibility of not purchasing one. Salt systems are a very worthy technology that we are proud to be a regular part of. The ability to introduce pure chlorine gas into your pool without any other byproducts, which are in EVERY other form of chlorine added to your pool is beneficial in many ways. We would be happy to share how a salt system may be the system for you!!

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